We seem to be having a week of crazy trends! Stella McCartney championed jumpsuits for summer (below left), and no sooner had they left the catwalk than they were being sported by Sienna Miller. Then Ms McCartney added a jumpsuit to her sell-out range at H&M (below right). If you’re lucky (and you think you can pull off blue satin) you might still be able to find one on ebay. All things considered, it was only a matter of time before the updated eighties item reached the rest of the high street. Gone are the garish colours and unflattering shoulder pads, and in their place we have sleek silhouettes and silky fabrics, turning the jump suit into a viable alternative to the dress for a glam night out - provided you have the body!



The high street translations of the trend are less clingy and more flattering and flowing than many catwalk styles. Instead of clinging to every lump and bum a la Stella's original, the draped fabric and strategic pleats of these two suits will skim your curves. Warehouse’s silk jumpsuit (£70) would work for a night out with some strappy black killer heels, and those of you with legs to rival a supermodel can show off your pins in style with ASOS.com's short jumpsuit. The all-in-one nature of the jumpsuit means for just £35 (for the ASOS version) you can get a whole going-out outfit. Just add shoes, confidence and friends who'll understand your courageous fashion choices (and not just laugh at you). [Charlotte Howells]