I checked my post holiday bank balance yesterday, and it looks like my trip to the slopes not only left me with dodgy sunburn (only on my forehead and cheeks, why?) but it also left me with a minus figure well over my overdraft limit. So it looks like I’ll have to curtail my proposed summer wardrobe spending and update with some of these cheap-but-so-now accessories. Bow_and_bag

Add colour with a bag – a good chance to experiment with this seasons colours, like this yellow one from fcuk via asos. £30 isn’t exactly cheap, but if you work out the cost per use it’s bound to be less than spending the same amount on a top you will only wear once.

A bring-it-up-to-date badge - Spice up a non-descript plain top or jacket with Topshop’s bow badge, it combines the current trends for nautical stripes and bows, and it's much cheaper than a new jacket at £3.


A statement necklace – No one will notice that your outfit is comprised of cross-season basics when you draw their attention away with a look-at-me necklace, this one is £10 from Accessorize.

A cinch-it-in belt - Hourglass is back, and it doesn’t cost much to fake it with a cinching belt. Gather in dresses and tops to create instant curves, and instantly look fashion forward. Try Topshop’s cummberband over a mannish white shirt.


A print scarf – The cheapest way to invest in the prints of the season. Look for polka dot or gingham. What's more, it doubles up as a hairband - Twice the value for £6. [Charlotte Howells]