It’s got to the point where too many people are heralding the return of the high waisted trousers for me to ignore the onset any longer. Although I have to admit that hipster trousers reached depths which were best left unworn, I’m still not ready to leave this flattering style behind. High waisters seek out any hint of a tummy you may have, and magnify it. I can count on one hand the people I know that are slim enough to carry off this waist. But leaving my bitterness about my non-washboard stomach behind, high waisters do have benefits. And on the right figure, with the right outfit, they can look a million times better than too-low (yes Pink, I’m talking about you).


If you have a body like sin, can handle wearing white, and have  a spare $620 to hand,  then you may just fancy a pair of Peter Som’s sailor pants. If not, nudge your waistband up a notch with Gap’s ‘just below the waist’ trousers ($48). These are surprisingly flattering and I even own a very similar pair. [Charlotte Howells]