After reading up on Charlotte's experiences with epilators in last week's beauty box, it was quite fitting that I spent last Thursday evening enjoying a night of 'beauty and burlesque'. We were treated to some entertainment from the lovely ladies pictured above, and then given the chance to try out Braun's newest and most gentle epilator (and get our hair done by a celeb stylist, dahhhling). As an epilator virgin, the scary looking electric tweezer-type tool didn't exactly scream 'use me', but I'll try anything once...

I'll be honest with you here. While I happily put my masses of hair in the hands of Bridget Jones' Diary hair stylist Gilly Popham (and spent the rest of the night admiring my curls in the mirror) I wasn't so keen to whip out my legs to be an epilator model. In fact, I waited until I was safely in the confines of my bedroom before I tried the Silk-Epil X'elle. Luckily, it's created for wimps like me. Not only does it come with a starter attachment with fewer tweezers for people who're not used to the pain, but it also has a gel pack you freeze and use to numb your legs beforehand and massaging rollers which help to ease you into the pain.

So did all these anti-pain precautions work? In general, yes. For obvious reasons I decided to start on my legs, and I only had the starter head on for about five minutes before moving on to the regular one. Once applied to the skin, it feels exactly like your legs are being tweezed by 20-odd evil beauty therapists, but if you're used to waxing this is no worse and the results are just as good. And it's less messy. You may have to go over an area twice to get all the hairs, but once the redness goes down (think plucked chicken) you'll have super-smooth legs that won't grow back for up to four weeks.

Another thing to remember about epilating vs shaving or waxing is that it won't remove your tan, which is a big plus at this time of year. If you fancy giving the Silk-Epil X'Elle a go, it retails from £54.99 at Boots, Argos and other leading stores. Or, if you're willing to talk to someone about your experiences with it (that means you actually have to pluck up the courage to use it) Inspired Beauty have 100 to give away to willing testers!

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