Despite all my attempts to tame it, I still have really temperamental skin. In my search for the perfect skincare regime I've tried just about everything in the book, but Jaqua's $16 Pumpkin Papaya Puree Enzyme Mask remains one of my favourite bad skin day treats, which is why it's this week's beauty pick. Enzyme masks are great for oily and problem skin as they help to slough off layers of dead skin without being as irritating as a harsh scrub. This one also has the added bonus of smelling delicious. It's a strange scent - not quite fruity and not quite sweet - and the first time I applied it I wasn't sure I liked it. Now I'm hooked. The mask has a great consistency and goes a very long way. It also washes off easily, which is a miracle in itself. Most importantly, this really does seem to perk up my skin. It leaves it feeling soft, smooth and as flawless as it's going to get. If you're in the UK, the mask can be bought at Powers & Potions for £12.