This week, we're choosing our favourite skin refinining products, for perking up tired, tormented skin in one easy step!

Charlotte's Pick: Designed to make your skin look better than it really does in a multitude of ways, skin refiners come under various different guises. Some are labelled simply ‘Skin refiners’, which is easy enough. Other products designed to pep up your skin that come under other names include the revered Clarins Beauty Flash Balm (£23.50) designed to give lacklustre skin a radiant glow. The one I always come back to is Benefit’s Dr Feelgood balm, it's pricey at £19, but it really does live up to its claims to even out your complexion and the appearance of fine lines. You apply under or over make up (I find under better, messing up my carefully applied make up by overlaying with a balm just feels wrong!) with the enclosed sponge, the result is super soft feeling skin, and a healthy complexion. Great for days when your skin looks sallow and grey. If you think you really don’t need an extra step between moisturiser and foundation, you might just be surprised at the difference it makes when you try one of these out.

Gemma's Pick: What more can I add? For once we agree. I'm a Dr Feelgood addict too!