Polo. It's so lucrative that Ralph Lauren has created an entire fashion range named after it. If you're a prep at heart, there's never been a better time to wear a polo shirt or dress. And even if you're not, this classic look has been given a sassy makeover of late. Even dedicated non-preps like Pink and Christina Aguilera have been photographed wearing in Gucci's take on the striped polo. All it takes is a wide belt and a dash of attitude to give this look new life.

If you like the Gucci version (on Pink, left) then ASOS.com have come up trumps with their red and black striped tee. It's only £10, so you won't be too out of pocket if you find yourself getting bored of this look quickly.

Dorothy Perkins is a great place to get both the top spring patterns - the stripe and the polka dot - for really reasonable price. Their striped polo shirt is only £10 and comes in the true nautical colours of blue and white. Meanwhile, Freemans provides the monochrome option with their black and white striped polo for a bargain £12.

Thick nautical stripes aren’t the only way to go, especially if you're a larger size. The vintage-look Abercrombie shirt ($39.50) has thinner stripes therefore won’t be so widening. It fits in perfectly with the trend for preppy college styles. Ditto this Gap polo in summery aquamarine for the sale price of $19.99.

If you fancy giving the dress a go, stick to block colours for a more flattering finish. This is a great way to ease yourself into the idea of wearing dresses in the day if you're usually a jeans and t-shirt girl or a sporty tomboy. For a really preppy look, go for an original Lacoste polo dress for $140. It's very Gwyneth Paltrow in the Royal Tenenbaums (just skip the smudgy eyeliner). For a slightly less sporty finish, Additions casual pink number is a bargain at £17. Throw it on over your bikini on holiday, or wear it with ballet flats and a great bag for Summer shopping trips. [Gemma & Charlotte]