Jessica Alba gets my vote for the best hairdo of the night so far. Her loose curls are swept up with a diamante pin, showing off not only the crossover straps of her yellow gold dress, but also the tattoo on the nape of her neck. She's got a great randiance, and has gone for that exact fresh-faced make-up I wish Keira had gone for. Speaking of Keira, the more I see that hair, the more I think of school girls in the late 90s, wearing mid-height ponytails with two dangly bits of fringe. She has the cheekbones to pull off a swept-up style, but perhaps that young hairstyle is good for reminding us how young she is. What do you all think?

Meanwhile, Naomi Watts is on the red carpet so we can finally see that Givenchy dress full length. I'm still not convinced about it. it looks a bit tatty and unfinished to me, and while I like drama, I don't like messy, fussy clothing. Your thoughts, fellow viewers?!