Celebs. You've gotta love them. Not only do they inspire our wardrobe choices, but they have rocky relationships and marry in Vegas and get busted for doing drugs. Every now and again they might even make a new film or release a single (pshhh, like we care about that). The newest blog from Shiny Media (aka 'them upstairs') is Star Trip, an unashamedly trashy celeb gossip blog, bringing you all the goss on 'slebs like Brangelina,  TomKat, The Federlines, La Lohan, The Hiltons and the one-man powerhouse that is the Clooney. Never again will you need to spent £1.45 on Heat magazine or hide OK! underneath a stategically placed copy of The Guardian. Bookmark now and you'll be the first to know when Pete Doherty falls off the wagon (again).