Continuing with our celebration of the punk movement, to coincide with Selfridges Future Punk exhibition, this week we've chased up the best punk rock outfits you can find on both the high street and the web. We've got pieces from $10 to £595, and everything in between. Whack on the Germs, put on a snarl, and click on the jump below.


Whether you're the lead singer in a band, or jumping around in the mosh pit, these clothes are sure to get you noticed. Think Debbie Harry (Blondie), or Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Skinny Levis 503's for $40 are a cheap way to show off your red patent Pleasers heels ($35.95), which are sure to get you noticed. This boobtube from ASOS has all the elements - stripes, dark colours, silvery motif, edgy yet feminine. Also perfect for covering up any unsightly muffin-top effect from the low rise jeans! Sling this skinny rhinestone Miu Miu belt over the boobtube, unfortunately not within my budget at £165. The look is perfected with accessories, which are so important in differentiating yourself between the other dozens of punk-lookalikes at a gig. A black leather studded cuff for $26.90 is a great throwback to the 70s, and add the final accessory to make it your own personal look - a red sequinned Luella 'doctor' bag to match your shoes, if you can fork out the £595 for it.


All your mates are boys, and you're much more inclined to go to a gig than go clubbing or shopping? We've done all the work for you, so you'll surely stand out from all your boy-pals. Converse shoes are staples in the punk scene, don't follow the crowd and choose the standard style, go for all black at $40. Popular in the 70s, if you remember, were red checked drainpipe trousers. Go vintage, in a looser style, and you certainly can't baulk at the $55 pricetag. Another staple in your new punk wardrobe should be band tshirts, but make sure you give them a listen first before you advertise your adoration for them. have a great range, and this Ramones shirt for £13.99 is perfectly punk. Make like Sid Vicious, from the Sex Pistols, and lock up your neck with a padlock necklace for £8.99. Finishing off your punk-tomboy style is this belt made out of bullets ($69.50), to accentuate those hips, and remind the boys you are still female!


All your friends are Jessica Simpson clones, but you're more of a Courtney Love, Kelly Osbourne type of girl? Rock up to that swish 'do showing you're a trash-punk princess at heart, in this Moschino leopard print dress, slightly unattainable at £440, but worth it, nonetheless. If you are going to break the bank, you may as well go the whole hog with these £324 Nicholas Kirkwood heels, which will complement some DIY-torn, ripped fishnet stockings, like these for $10 . As always, accessories allow you to own the look, this cheap gold leather handbag from accessorize is a bargain at £25, and goes well with this 80s inspired black necklace from the Naughty Secretary Club, a steal at $18.

Just remember when creating your punk outfit that anything goes! Get creative, cut holes in your shirts, rip your tights up and accessorise, accessorise, accessorise! Don't be afraid to try any look, as long as you've got the attitude down to a T, you'll get away with anything. [Katherine Hannaford]

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