I’ve always found it a bit difficult to consider a ponytail a style. I put my hair in a pony when I can’t be bothered to create a style. But clearly I know nothing, as pony-styles of various descriptions were accompanying many of this season’s collections on the catwalk. No longer should tying your hair up be reserved for greasy locks and bad hair days (although generally styling is easier with day-old unwashed hair than with just washed). Get ready to wield your hairbrush as CQ runs through how to recreate catwalk ponys the easy-peasy way.

Laid back loops at Marni


A simple pony with a laid back twist which stops it from looking too uptight. It’s so easy to create you could do it with your eyes closed. Loosely gather your hair into a mid height pony roughly level with your ears, then wrap a thin hair band round once or twice, depending on the thickness of your hair. When you are pulling your hair through the final time, stop half way through to create a loop. You don’t need to be too neat with this one, so don’t worry if your loop is lopsided. I find the less effort you put in, the better it looks.

Sleek centre partings at Pucci


Centre partings don’t suit everyone, and it’s best to avoid them if you have a rounder face. If you can pull if off, Pucci’s pony looks slick and sleek. This one takes a little bit more effort, straightening irons and a steady hand, but the result is ultra polished. First straighten hair so it’s poker straight and spritz with shine serum. Next create a neat centre parting up to about three-quarters of the way to the tip of your head. You should create a neat line where this parting ends. Clip these front sections out of the way and then smooth the rest into a mid height pony. Secure tightly and ensure there are no bumps. To finish the look, carefully smooth round the front sections to the underneath of your pony and secure with another band and tie a patterned scarf over the top. Neatness is the key to perfecting this pony.

Let it loose at Chanel


This is a softer way to wear a pony. Hair needn’t be poker straight to create this look, instead allow hair to dry naturally. Perfect for giving your hair a break from blow drying. Create a side parting roughly in line with your eye. Pull hair into a low pony at the nape of your neck using your hands rather than a brush. Finally pull loose tendrils to frame your face and tuck any stray hairs behind your ears.

Backcombed bombshell at Oscar De La Renta


If you want your cheekbones to say hello to the world then this is the pony for you, the tight high pony will give you the benefits of a mini facelift. First up, your hair needs to be poker straight, next pull your hair back into a mega high pony. Ensure your hair is ultra smooth and secure flyaway strands with hairspray. Take away the top section of the pony and run your brush backwards against the under section until it is puffed up (in other words, backcomb it – this is not exactly good for your hair so don’t do it too often). When you have amassed enough volume, smooth the top section over the backcombed under section and fix in place with lots of hairspray. For even more volume, invest in a hairpiece.  [Charlotte Howells]