We had a slight break on the combined Shoewawa / Catwalk Queen feature 'Play The Shoe Stylist' last week to leave room for our Oscars coverage. That means you've had to wait a fortnight for the results of the last challenge, and believe me, it was tough trying to choose the outfits to post, and if I had the time to compile everything, I would have put them all up!

As always, you excelled yourself in styling an outfit around a shoe (Marc Jacobs black and white ballet flats). In the end, the decision of which outfits to post was more or less made for me, since many items had sold out or disappeared off the websites since the challenge began! Read on for this week's outfits...

- Rachel Zoe would be so proud! I can see this look on Mischa or Nicole.

- Love the oversize spots on the top, and the items work really well together.

- An unusual colour choice in the skirt, but it works. Not so keen on the fuzzy bag though!

- A very directional dress, and the accessories are a great way to add colour.

- Prints! Brave, but fabulous. I never would have thought to mix Pucci print with these.

- Possibly a bit OTT on the accessories front (the bag?!) but I like the simple, casual look.

- Polished rock chick. I love it! The red beads & bag are unepected, but the mix works.

- Black, white and yellow is a really great combo this season, and these items look great together.

For info on each item features, visit the original comments on the Shoewawa post. This week's shoe will be posted this afternoon for you to get styling (and there are new rules to follow to make all our jobs easier).