Pttopshop Non-Oscar news for you now (thank heavens) with the announcement that Topshop are going ethical...sort of. Fair Trade are the latest buzz words in the fashion industry, with high fashion but highly ethical brands like Edun really making waves. Now Topshop are getting in on the act by stocking the eco-friendly People Tree in their flagship Oxford Circus store as part of Fair Trade Fortnight.

The collection hit the rails yesterday, and the founder of People Tree has this to say of their partnership with the high street giants,

"People Tree’s concession in Topshop proves that Fair Trade fashion has broken all the stereotypes and is at the cutting edge of fashion retail. It marks the beginning of a big change in the fashion industry, and to the unfair structures that currently have such a detrimental effect on millions of workers.”

The full press release can be found here. [via Hippyshopper]