It's photo time! Thanks to our mates over at Sky Movies, I can finally bring you pictures of all the dresses I've been going on about for the last 24 hours. I've also been waxing lyrical about red carpet fashion to The Sun online, including some post-Oscar party fashions you won't see here. I'll let you know the moment that's up.

Now, on with the show...

Beautiful Brits
Best Actress nominee Keira Knightley in dramatic Vera Wang and Best Supporting Actress winner Rachel Weisz in understated Narciso Rodriguez. Both the Brit ladies looked stunning in two very different ways. On the wrong woman, the cut of Keira's dress would be too much, but she pulls it off. Rachel, meanwhile, has a wonderful pregnancy glow and her dress is suitably chic and demure.

Greyscale Washout?
Charlize's risky Dior number still has juries out across the fashion world. Without the bow, it would be fabulous, but is that one detail too far? I love her shoes, though! It's actually black, but with all the flashbulbs around, it looks more like iridescent charcoal. And speaking of charcoal, my big hope for a fashion-forward choice, Maggie Gyllenhaal, disappointed in an ill-fitting grey Bottega Veneta number. What's with the saggy boobs, Mags?

Women in Black
Understated and elegant (with pearls instead of diamonds), Jennifer Aniston may have done 'safe', but she looks great. I would have liked to have seen a bit more attention to the hair, but other than that you can't fault her Rochas dress (I would have loved it in purple, though). Meanwhile, Felicity Huffman can't be blamed for upping the ante and going for something sexy and feminine after being nominated for a film in which she plays a transsexual, but the slashed front of her Zac Posen gown is a step too far. I love the rest of her look though, especially that hair!

Going For Gold
In the first of many Versace gowns, Jessica Alba manages to get just the right balance between sexy and sophisticated. I love the lacy embellishment on her skirt, and the train is just right. I've already said I love her swept back hair, too. Meanwhile, Michelle Williams follows Keira's lead in Vera Wang (though her soft, floating dress couldn't be further from Keira's gathered number). I'm still not sold on the colour but I love the gathered hips and wide neckline. I want to go up to her and wipe off that hideous lipstick, though.

Dramatic Embellishment
Geisha girl and country queen turn showstoppers in these two highly embellished a-line offerings. Ziyi Zhang wears Armani (as she did at the Golden Globes) and pulls off the heavy snowflake-like skirt with aplomb. Meanwhile, Reese knows if you're covering yourself in beads, you should keep the shape simple, and her vintage Dior dress is perfect for flattering her petite figure. She looks almost as statuesque as the Oscar she walked away with!