GwynGwyneth Paltrow has definitely had her Oscars ups and downs. Most notably the fact that her ‘best actress’ win in 1999 was marred by her cringe worthy sob-a-thon in the place of a gracious acceptance speech. Her fairytale pink Ralph Lauren dress looked the part, but the tear-stained make-up ruined the look!

Let's hope this year won’t be a repeat of 2002 when she appeared in a gothic Alexander McQueen frock horror. Never mind that it was a look that would have been more at home on Morticia Adams, her sheer top showed far more of the contours of her non-supported boobs than I was wanting to see and her 'smoky' eye make-up made her look like she'd been punched in the face.

Luckily, last year she was back on form and wowed in a silky strapless Stella McCartney number (right). No scary grey dress, and flowing golden tresses in the place of scraped back hair. In this outfit she looks glowing. Keep this in mind when you’re getting dressed this year Gwyneth! With no nominations there’s no chance of a repeat of the on-stage blubbering, but (if the mum-to-be makes the ceremony) it may be wise to pile on the waterproof mascara, just in case. [Charlotte Howells]