Feeling Blue?
I said that blue would be big this year, and it definitely showed up on some big name stars. Jada Pinkett-Smith wore figure-hugging royal blue Roberto Cavalli, and looked fabulous. The colour really looks fantastic on her and shows off a body that's so good it's hard to believe she's a mother. Another babe with a beautiful body working blue was Salma Hayek in the blue Versace we earmarked for the Oscars. She looks every inch the movie star...and what I'd do for boobs like that! Going darker, Sandra Bullock wore prom-style Angel Sanchez and discussed the wonders of pockets - you've always got somewhere to put your hands in photos! Then at the other end of the fashion scale, Helena Bonham Carter in her usual frock horror. The hair! Where to begin...?

Benegar vs Bennifer
The two Jens couldn't be more different in their fashion choices, making us wonder even more about the inner-workings of Ben 'money is so tight I'm doing Lynx adverts' Affleck's mind. Jennifer Garner stays true to her America's Sweetheart reputation in empire line Michael Kors. We love her for tripping up onstage and recovering with grace. Meanwhile, the ex-Bennifer rocked up in a vintage dress from Lily et Cie. It's hard to tell from this angle, the dress is actually a fitted, ruched column dress with a chiffon train falling from the waist. I absolutely loved it, but I'm not sure it suits La Lopez. Why wasn't she in her own Sweetface label, topped with fur?!

Nights in white
White was another CQ prediction, and it was no surprise to see some ladies stepping up to the Kodak theatre in virginal looking strapless dresses. But Nicole Kidman, why do you do this to yourself? Your Balenciaga dress is beautiful, but accompanied by that porcelain skin and pale blonde hair, I'm having visions of the White Witch in Narnia. All you need is the bleached eyelashes and you're there. Take a cue from Diane Kruger (in Elie Saab) - a little bit of fake tan goes a long way when you're wearing white!

Going Nude
Another colour prediction that came true was nudes and neutrals. Naomi Watts went for a fussy frock from Givenchy. It actually photographs better than it looks on screen. If I were her, I would have cut down on the detail at the shoulder. It looks like she's about to be eaten by her dress. Showing her how it's done is Uma Thurman, absolutely resplendent in Versace. After her faux pas two years ago, she's obviously decided to go back to dressing like a starlet again. It's not hard to look great when you've got legs up to your ears and a teeny waist, but a great dress helps proceedings along!