Hallepen If you're an A-list actress, the Oscars are about 25% awards show and 75% fashion parade. So how do our favourite celebs manage to stay looking fabulous, pose like pros and still look gorgeous after the ridiculously long ceremony? Well, it takes a lot more than a pair of curling tongs and some Scholl party feet, that's for sure!

- Botox isn't just for the face. Rumour has it some celeb ladies also inject the stuff into their armpits and feet. It stops sweating and eradicates that burning pain in the balls of the feet.

- When choosing her dress, Nicole Kidman goes with her gut. "I just see a dress that I like and go, 'That's what I'm going to wear,'" she confesses. I'm sure her stylist and her contract with Chanel help the decision along, though.

- It was rumoured that on the year she won the best actress award for 'Shakespeare in Love', Gwyneth Patrow had been sent around 200 dresses from designers desperate for her to wear their label. In the end she went with Ralph Lauren.

- Before the awards, many of the big names in fashion fly out to LA and hire suites displaying their wares in the hopes of attracting clients. One of the most popular spots? Jimmy Choo, where shoes can by dyed, customised and created especially to match couture gowns. Penelope Cruz (left, with Halle Berry) wore yellow Choos with her Oscar De La Renta frock.

- Some designers do anything for publicity - shoe designer Stuart Weitzman creates million dollar shoes for lesser-known 'Cinderella' attendees like Laura Harring and Alison Krause.

- Some celebs are so loved by designers that they sign exclusivity contracts that ensure nobody else but the cream of the A-list wear the same label. Cate Blanchett did this in 2005 with Valentino, and the fashion friendship between Renee Zellweger and Carolina Herrera is very well-known.

- When Sharon Stone's Oscar gown got lost in 1996, she ended up wearing a turtleneck from Gap with a long skirt. She looked great, and the moment went down in Oscar fashion history. She realised she'd set a trend, and repeated the look again a while later with a white shirt from her husband's wardrobe teamed with a satin Vera Wang skirt.