More style news from Hollywood thanks to our pal, Sky's Showbiz guri Sandro Monetti...

George - Apparently celebs are playing it safe this year when it comes to their gowns. The outfits on the red carpet are set to be the most bland, drab and safe in years. Designers say actresses are afraid to be criticised in the press for wearing anything wild (Go Fug Yourself, it's all your fault). Designer to the stars Randolph Duke explains the play safe approach saying: "Actresses are now avoiding more dangerous, edgy dresses."

- Meanwhile Donatella Versace has been swooning over the gorgeous men attenting the awards this year. "They're a really hunky bunch - George Clooney, Heath Ledger, Joaquin Phoenix, Terrence Howard, Jake Gyllenhaal and Matt Dillon." She says. "I would love to dress all of them." So too would other leading designers and the battle to get their tuxedos on the nominated actors has been the fiercest ever.

- Dolly Parton is apparently set to wear 3 dresses to the awards. The country music legend will perform her Oscar nominated song from Transamerica, Travelin Thru, and will have one gown for the red carpet arrival walk, another for the stage when she sings and a third for the acceptance speech and victory photos if she wins. It's her first trip to the Oscars in 26 years, and win or lose, she says: "I plan to have a big old good time."