The last pair of false lashes I wore ended up stuck spider-like to my cheek. This was probably about 10 years ago now, and funnily enough I’ve never had the impetus to try them again. Now though, things have changed; false lashes are no longer limited to full sets and it's easier to get the look you want. Individual lashes are more natural, the glue secures them a little bit better, and you needn’t look like a transvestite while sporting them. In fact, when properly applied, they just give your natural lashes film-star appeal. And if I needed any more persuasion, not-so-natural lashes are all over the Catwalk too. Ignore the clothes for a moment and check out the eyes at Diane Von Furstenburg, Luca Luca and Missoni.


Screenface, Pout and Mac have by far the best selection when it comes to false lashes. Use Mac’s half lashes to create alluring end flicks as seen at Diane Von Furstenburg, or their bottom lashes to recreate the 60’s look of Luca Luca’s models. Both stores also stock glue, essential for ensuring your lashes don’t end up where mind did. If you don't think you can handle the application yourself, the girls at Pout will apply false lashes for you for £8 - £16.

To make your lashes look fabulous but not fake, always wear eyeliner on your lop lash line to help hide the join and curl with your natural lashes once in place. Apply mascara last, do it first and your falsies won’t blend in your normal lashes. [Charlotte Howells]

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