The word from Keira Knightley is that her stunning dress is by Vera Wang. I didn't see that one coming, but so far she's set a standard that's going to be difficult to beat. When you're 21 and that gorgeous, it's difficult to look bad, but the dress is perfect, with a thin strap over one shoulder and a gathered and cinched in waist that makes the most of that whippet-like bod. Her necklace, an amazing gold and blue number, is apparently vintage 60s Bulgari, and though I wouldn't mix blue with burgundy, it works! The one thing I would criticise is the eye make-up. Keira has a tendency to go for smoky eyes (that's the Rachel Zoe influence, I'd imagine) and she doesn't need all that slap. I would have loved to have seen a lighter, more natural look on someone so young. Still, I can hardly talk, being only a year or so older than her and known to use a third of a tube of mascara in one go!