I’m not a particular believer in wearing a whole outfit from the same shop. But I’ve combined the clothes above because I was so surprised at how much I actually wanted to buy from this one shop. Before now, the only time I’ve been in this shop is when I’ve been dragged in by my mum. As far as I can recall, I’ve never displayed an interest in their clothes. So either they’ve bucked up their ideas or I’m getting older – I’ll leave that one up to you to decide. You can find out which retailer I’m talking about below the break (and there’s a pretty giant clue hiding in the title).

Yes I actually want to buy from Principles, yet at 22 I’m still way out of their usual demographic. And that certainly shows when I look at their Sardinia Collection, most of which looks like it belongs in a jumble sale, or at the very least a charity shop. But if you look past the chintzy gathered skirts and ugly cardigans (moss green anyone?) there’s a few decent evening dresses and lots of work wear pieces with a subtle this-season twist to be had. Most of the time, subtle enough to carry it through to the next season.

The pieces shown are: from top left, Black bow detail jacket (£48), my favourite, the crushed spot cami for £35,  and at £42 their black linen pencil skirt. Down on the second row it starts off with an interesting big collar take on the suit jacket (£75), followed by black capri trousers and finally the adorable giant bow cream shopper (£39). It’s not on their website, but if you liked Charlize’s Oscar dress, then look out for a pared down knee-length dress which has a similar feel to Charlize's gown,  in Principles stores for £89. Unlike hers, the bow is on the front not the shoulder and the shorter length means you don’t need an awards ceremony as an excuse to wear it. [Charlotte Howells]