If you were lucky enough to check out the opening weekend of Selfridges 'Future Punk' exhibition, you surely would've been drooling over all the exclusive handbags and accessories available, just like us. Designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Chloe, Juicy Couture, DKNY, and Givenchy all created luxury handbags, incorporating the spirit of punk into their fashions. The Vivienne Westwood patent leather bag, 'Yasmine' (£325) above, is obviously inspired by 1970s leather jackets, using the studs and chains, together with black leather, to create a contemporary finish. Likewise, the blue 'Errin' bag by Billy Bag, (top of my list for this week so far, and an absolute steal at £199) adopts the usage of studs and chains, yet in a more sleek, minimalist manner.


These beauties above, by Chloe and DKNY respectively, show how each designer has stayed true to each power-brands' style, yet still allowing for an edgy, tough punk attitude to spill out of the seams. For a more subtle punk influence, the 'Gladys' by Chloe, at a whopping £1,199 is perfect for those wanting to show their true punk persona through extravagantly priced handbags, otherwise at the other end of the scale, the 'Logo X' by DKNY is a measly £89 - pocket change, really!

Givenchy Juicycouture_1

The final two bags which caught my eye at Selfridges are the Givenchy 'Pluto' shoulder bag priced at £795, and the surprisingly-nice-considering-it's-Juicy-Couture clutch at £599. By now you'll recognise the punk traits in each bag, the odd shaped 'Pluto' obviously being styled after a motorcycle jacket, and the chic, feminine, yet still with an edgy, hard attitude offering by Juicy Couture. It's enough to make you want to whack the Ramones on and have a bit of a mosh! [Katherine Hannaford]

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