I have to admit, when I first saw Felicity Hoffman’s floral get up for the Baftas I wasn’t exactly rushing out to buy a replica copy. To me it looked more like a pair of Laura Ashley curtains than a noteworthy dress. That said, slowly but surely, the floral look is growing on me. The more pretty flowery tops and dresses I see the more I think I might like to join in with this feminine trend. After being wrapped up in winter coats for the last few months I can’t help thinking it might be fun to float around looking all girly for a while.

Catalogues aren’t always the best place to find fashion, but when it comes to affordable floral dresses, Freeman’s comes into its own. A case in point is the ultra feminine rose print dress above, yours for £50. If you're not ready for full on floral just yet, New Look's Belle du jour skirt will ease you into floweryness gently.

Flowers don't have to be pink, as these dresses prove. Go girly in green with another Freemans dress (£45) on the left, or Oasis's short baby doll dress on the right (£60). Keep accessories to a minimum with these dresses, think small and delicate. [Charlotte Howells]