Felicity Huffman's dress is definitely black, plunging in front with a ruched panel across the hips that shows off an amazingly toned body. And how fabulous are she and William H. Macy as a couple? Felicity is looking amazing, and her soft chignon hairstyle has just stolen the crown from Jessica Alba as my favourite hairdo of the night.

White has finally shown itself on Nicole Kidman (I'm guessing Chanel) and Reese Witherspoon (possibly Elie Saab?) and a few other ladies in yellow have joined Michelle Williams. This is a colour I didn't predict (since Cate Blanchett wore it last year) and it seems to have replaced red as the 'look at me' colour of the night.

I must take two seconds to mention the gorgeous men attending the Oscars. We've seen velvet tuxes, waistcoats and classic Hugo Boss numbers. Sandra Bullock is accompanied by her old Speed co-star (and my latest 'I finally get it' crush) Keanu Reeves, and Jake Gyllenhaal has just hit the red carpet. Need I say more?