She was missing on the red carpet arrivals, but now the show has started we've got our first glimpse of Charlize Theron, in a heavy charcoal satin dress that has to be couture. With a huge looped bow-like affair on the shoulder and panelling all over, I can see this dress being one of those that elicits strong opposing views. Some fashionistas are bound to rave about it, but I can see the 'hit or miss' pages of the gossip weeklies now, slating her for picking such a structured, artsy number.

Other folks to look out for as the show goes on - Jennifer Lopez in gathered grecian green, Uma Thurman looking stunning in white (enough to forgive the faux pas of 2004, perhaps?) and Hilary Swank in boring black.

And congrats to the first big winner of the night, George Clooney for Syriana. It's great to see him get a nod with so many nominations. Is this the first of many?