Welcome to Beauty Box, a new CQ feature where we pick our favourite products in a different category each week. These are the products we use, trust, and think you'll love too!

Charlotte: Hi, my name’s Charlotte and I’m a balmaholic! They say the sure sign of an addiction is that you can’t go a day without your fix...well I don’t have to be awake long each day before I’m reaching for a slick of lip balm. If my lips don’t have a balmed-up feel about them, then I can’t help but put some more on. It’s safe to say I get through quite a few tubes of the stuff! When it comes to my favourites, there are quite a few products in the running. It’s awards season, so I think a shortlist is in order. The nominations for best balm go to: Lush, Burt’s Bees, Palmer’s and Carmex - all favourites of mine at some point in time.

And the winner is… Palmer’s, for its yummy want-to-eat it choccy flavour, skin protecting vitamin E and mega value for money (it's a tiny £1.59). The fact that it’s the only one with SPF tipped the balance in its favour – who wants wrinkly lips when they’re older?

Gemma: Like Charlotte, I'm a lip balm fiend and I've tried just about everything in my search for the best balm. Price isn't an issue with me, I've tried everything from 99p lypsyl to £18 a tube Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream (not technically lip balm, but it works wonders on cracked lips). Front-runners include Carmex, My Lip Stuff and Molton Brown, but one product just pipped them all at the post...

Roll up Smith's Rosebud Salve. Not only does it smell beautiful, but it lasts an absolute age and sits on that perfect line between glossy, shiny gloss-type product and deeply moisturising balm. At £6.95 a tin, it's not the cheapest product on the market, but it also works as a cuticle cream, a dry skin soother and even a spot treatment (I kid you not).

Lip Controversy! Vaseline is one of the best-selling lip products, but many experts advise against using it. Rather than working deep down it coats the lips, protecting them and keeping moisture in. So provided you use it constantly, you'll have soft lips...but the moment it rubs off, you'll find you're soon back to square one. So what's the point?