I’m certainly guilty of falling into bed without bothering to take my make-up off. But don’t follow my example and neglect your skin while you're snoozing. Your skin is most receptive at night, making it a prime time to make a bit of effort to pamper it after a hard day of central heating, cold weather, and layers of make-up. Turn yourself into sleeping beauty tonight and you will wake up feeling like a princess. Alright, maybe not a princess, but your skin will look a bit better. Promise.

Replenish your skin with a dose of Origins High Potency Night-a-Mins ($31), this daily medicine for skin is packed with vitamins and minerals, more than making up for those 5 portions of fruit and veg you didn’t eat today.

I put my hands through skin hell each day, sins such as washing up, not wearing gloves in the cold and not moisturising after hand-washing leaves hands drier and wrinkler than an age-old sun worshipper. Restore their youth by slathering on Helping Hands (£4.70) by Lush before you hit the sack. It’s not just a night cream, but it takes a long time to soak in and the benefits are greater after a whole night on your mitts.

Worried about wrinkles when you stuff your head in your pillow? If you can bear looking faintly ridiculous while sleeping, (Think Nelly style plasters, but on all your possible wrinkle zones) then these little stickers, called 'Frownies' (£17.50 for 192 pads) claim to prevent you frowning in your sleep, which supposedly reduces the likelihood of lines.

If you are prone to spots, night time is a great time to cover them in spot-fighting lotions and potions, Dermalogica’s Medicated Clearing Gel is designed to be used overnight and contains Salicylic Acid to help banish blemishes away. It’s better than blobs of toothpaste that’s for sure!

Sweet Dreams, Catwalk Queens. [Charlotte Howells]