This week's fashion blogger Canivale of Couture topic was set by the fabulously stylish (and lovely) girls at I Am Fashion. And it's a good one. Read on for the Catwalk Queen's answer.

"Suprise darling! You have just won the lottery! How will you, the super fabulous fashionable blogger, spend your US$10m winnings? Tell us all about your money-spending plan!"

First off I'd do the boring stuff. I'd pay off my debts (which are all with the student loans company, and not with Visa). I'd also pay off the loans of my brother and my closest friends, and make sure all my family is comfortable.

Next, I'd take all my best mates on a trip to Vegas. We'd stay at the Venetian hotel, because it's got nothing but suites, and it smells nice (no, really). Then we'd spend the week shopping, gambling and drinking far too many cocktails for our own good. What could be better?

Then I'd have to treat myself to a new look to go with my bank balance, so I'd take a trip to Charles Worthington and get myself a cut and colour. This is the man who launched a collection called 'Big Hair', so I think his team would have a field day with me!

I think I'd sort myself out with a nutritionist and personal trainer next. I only work out when there's someone there to force me, and I need someone breathing down my neck reminding me that the chocolate bar I'm about to scoff will go straight to my hips, so some professional advice would definitely help me stay in shape.

Then come the frivolous shopping trips, which would include all the requisite 'I can finally afford it' purchases.

Firstly the shoes from Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Georgina Goodman and Gina.

Then bags from Chloe, Fendi, Be & D and Kooba. I think they'd cover most bases!

And I love dresses, so I'd have to invest in some classics from some of my favourite designers, Matthew Williamson, Roland Mouret and Diane Von Furstenberg. I'm sure I'd find space for some Anna Sui in there somewhere too!

Finally, I'd get myself on the property ladder by buying myself a nice pad in London - nothing too fancy but somewhere comfortable and safe, with lots of potential for decorating. And the rest of the cash would be used to keep me in Jimmy Choos while I live in my swish London pad attempting to write a novel!