I was all a little unsure about the bow, as it is a look I have not properly sported since Primary School. It begs the question; just how can you wear bows without looking like a 5 year old? To start with it’s probably best to avoid putting them in your hair, and straying away from pre-pubescent shades of pink wherever possible. Elsewhere though, on everything from bags to belts, bows are now a bonafide accessory.

With 5-year-old fashion hopefully avoided, all that remains is to choose your bow; pick from Topshop’s candy-striped bow belt (£15) to the huge slouchy bow on this Warehouse bag (£22), both perfect for embracing the bow trend without feeling too prim and proper.

If, on the other hand, prim and proper is exactly what you’re after , you could do worse than the small lady-like bows featured on this Marc Jacobs top, or the dotted bow-tied top on Nanette Lepore’s navy tee although grown up bows cost grown up prices, $198 and $110 to be precise, ouch! [Charlotte Howells]