My philosophy for make-up is that if you have flawless skin, you can get away with anything, be it an otherwise make-up-less face or red hot lippy. Naturally my skin is about as far away from flawless as it gets, but it doesn’t stop me trying to get the ethereal skin I dream of. There are a few products that deserve medals for their skin-improving efforts.

In third place with bronze is Max Factor’s Colour Adapt (£11.95). This slightly sheer liquid dissolves into your skin as if it was never there, leaving your skin, only better. Bare Essentuals loose foundation powder (£24) gets silver for its ability to create a foolproof airbrushed base. Instead of a liquid, you buff the mineral granules onto your face with a large brush.

Everyone who tries this product gets slightly evangelical about it, including me [and me - Gemma]. The best comment I’ve had so far was ‘wow it makes your skin look all supermodel like’. Anything with that kind of result is worth trying!

Finally, with gold, is the long serving and ever-reliable YSL Touche Eclat (£24). It may have been about for ages now, but I’ve found nothing that beats it for hiding dark circles and generally pepping up the skin. There are plenty of 'copies' (from the likes of The Body Shop, Collection 2000, Clinique, Liz Collinge etc) but nothing beats the original. [Charlotte Howells]