This week's Project Catwalk was all about the models. They were given control of the designers, and became more than just mannequins. This time they were also clients. Each of the girls got the chance to choose the designer they'd most like to design the most important dress of their life - their wedding dress. Then it was time to share design ideas and come to that impossible thing - a compromise - over what the models wanted and what would look good for the designers. And the results? Well...

The designers soon learned that the problem with being briefed by a client is trying to do what they want while maintaining some of your personal style. The models had varying ideas of what a wedding dress should be like, from the classic and simple that Shakeel was asked to come up with, to a beach number for Renato (who's quickly winning the 'Project Catwalk Drama Queen' award now Zoe and Sushino have left).

The final pieces were generally of a high standard, with a few exceptions. Shakeel's classic satin dress with a train for model Erika was simple, chic and looked well-made, but it was nothing outstanding and the flowers on the neck were, as Erika said, naff. Debi was chosen by Gemma (who, for personality alone is now CQ's fave model) and came up with a beautifully floaty v-neck number with a ribbon trim. After having Matthew nicked from her by another model, exotic Ana went for artsy Marianne, who had the tough job of working on a non-traditional, sexy dress for a girl who doesn't ever want to get married. The silver pearl slashed wrapover ended up looking more like a red carpet gown than a bridal ensemble, but it definitely showed off Ana's killer curves. Lindsay's turquoise dress by Renato was inspired by the sea. He loved it (but let's face it, he loves himself and everything he does), she had reservations and unfortunately for the man who thinks he's the best (ever), so did the judges. Kate had been super-excited at snagging  Matthew, but it ended up being a big gamble as he showed his inexperience in a difficult week - he couldn't even manage to get the sleeves to work and at his own admission, this week's dress was his worst. Kirsty had a bad week too. Sherene's dress looked awkward and unflattering, with a strange disjointed neckline and loose fabric over the stomach. But it wasn't the worst of the bunch, and the lace-up back made up for it. This was definitely the week that experience mattered, and it was no surprise that the youngest contestants had the most trouble.

I've said for weeks that Christopher was the dark horse who'd suddenly swoop in and steal the fashion crown, and this week I was proved right (and oh, how I love it when I'm right). A lot of the dresses were beautiful in their own way, but his really shone. Jessica looked fabulous in a strapless dress with a textured, chopping skirt than swung around her ankles. His attention to form and function really shows in how well constructed his garment are, and his dress was definitely a well deserved winner.

And then there was Lisa, in Gemma's Midsummer Night's Dream-esque night dress. It may have been 'so Lisa', but as a dress the empire line and puffy bottom half were unflattering and made the poor girl look like she'd eaten all the pies (while pregnant). The judges eventually picked Gemma to go home (after much Julien MacDonald bitching, as usual) but it was a close call between her and Matthew, and the rest of the designers made it clear that they thought the wrong decision had been made. Poor Matthew was really upset by the whole event, but looking at the two dresses next to each other, Gemma's was the weakest. And as much as each week should be judged on face value, Matthew has been stronger running up to this point (he won the 'frisky' brief). Sadly, I don't think he'll last much longer, as his inexperience is holding him back and Ben De Lisi can only help him so much. The next episode will be a really interesting one to watch. How long until Renato makes Matthew cry? Place your bets, folks!

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