Having finally worked out how to use my VCR for the repeat on Tuesday night (9pm on Sky Two)I settled back to watch a slightly anticlimatic Project Catwalk episode 4. It almost had me wishing the series would end so we could finally get season three of Las Vegas (I need my Josh Duhamel fix).

This week the designers had to design a dress for a 'top celebrity client'. Said celeb turned out to be Kelly Osbourne. The reaction to this was predictably mixed. Some jumped at the chance to design for someone who takes fashion risks. Others had a bit of a fashionista paddy. And by 'others' we mean Renato, who tore up his design when he wasn't chosen. Kelly said of his couture-inspired design "who the f*** wants to look like a moon?" (fair enough, I thought).

Only three of the designs were chosen to actually be made up. Apparently this was to examine how the designers worked as a team, but was this also a way of saving money since this week's budget was £300, I wonder? The three designs picked by Kelly belonged to dark horse Christopher, artsy Marianne and mommy Lesley. They drew straws to pick their teams. Marianne went for bezzie mates Debi and Gemma, Christopher picked Kirsty and Shakeel, which left Renato and Matthew with Lesley.

'Highlights' of the show this week included a rush around Soho trying to find a fabric shop that was actually open, a trip to Patrick Cox to pick out a pair of shoes to go with the dress, and Matthew having fun with swarovski crystals. No, really, that was as good as it got. Without Sushino's big personality and Ben De Lisi shouting at Zoe, it was all very subdued.

As far as the dresses themselves went, working in teams had mixed results. The corset on Christopher's design (Shakeel's work) seemed far too long, especially when you think this was being designed for Kelly Osbourne, who I'm sure doesn't want to enhance her stomach with skintight white satin. That said, I loved the little cutout and long sleeves of the white top section. Marianne's dress had a babydoll, Matthew Williamson feel to it, but it was ruined by stuffy organza sleeves. And Lesley's gothic velvet number covered in crystals and bleaching to enhance the natural curves of the body looked good on paper but a bit odd in real life (which was possibly down to Matthew going a bit crazy with the crystals while Lesley was schmoozing Patrick Cox). To give them credit, the designers showed their integrity by refusing to blame the bad points on their teammates, even though that meant they might be going home as a result. Fashionistas working together, supporting each other and refusing to pass the buck? What the hell's going on here?!

Now, we like Lesley because she left us a comment the other week on a completely non-Project Catwalk related post. Granted, she was blatantly plugging her website, but it's the thought that counts! Sadly, she was the one who got kicked off this week, which was slightly unfair considering three people were responsible for her dress, and Kelly had loved the original design. Unfortunately, we're a fickle lot here at CQ, and it it wasn't Lesley who left it would have been Matthew, and looking back over previous weeks, he's been more memorable up to this point. Besides, we need the eye candy if the next episode is going to be as dull as this one. Though rumour has it he's receiving much more help than anyone else. Truth or fiction? Only time will tell...

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