The challenge set last week on Play The Shoe Stylist over at Shoewawa proved very popular and the results were difficult to judge. I would have liked to have put every single outfit up, because they were all great choices but I eventually managed to draw the line and come up with seven contrasting outfits using the retro red courts from Steve Madden. Check Shoewawa later today for this week's challenge if you fancy having a go at styling.

- Loved the 80s influence and the use of vintage accessories. Great beret!

- A really nice use of a print instead of going purely for black. Great accessories, too!

- Great tip of using the red belt in the shorts and the fabric belt as a hairband!

- Lulu Guinness would be proud! An absolutely gorgeous vintage find.

- Loved the unexpected use of colour, mixing blue and red. Great shades, too!

- Again, uses blue and red to great effect. Nice mix of low and high end, too.

- The flash of green is unusual. I think this would look better in reality than it does on screen.

If you want to know where to buy any of the items featured, check out the original comments at Shoewawa.