GyllenhaalsLet's face it ladies, I don't need much of an excuse to put up pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal (even with his Jarhead buzzcut), but in this case, he's just a pleasant distraction from the real subject of this piece, his sister. I have to admit, I have just as big a crush on Maggie as I do on her little bro. She's got  very quirky fashion sense and (like pal Kirsten Dunst) it doesn't always work in her favour, but at least she has fun!  This graduated nude chiffon Prada dress with its twisted sequin detail is absolutely perfect on her, and another classic Oscar choice that gets the CQ seal of approval. I love it when celebs take risks, and by choosing a difficult colour and drawing attention to the widest part of the body, Maggie's definitely doing that. Neil Lane diamonds and the requisite clutch bag finish the look...but it's the accessory on the other arm I'm more interested in, of course. With her baby brother up for a gong this year, it'll be interesting to see what Maggie wears on Sunday night. Perhaps she'll play around with hemlines and go for something slightly shorter like she's done at previous Golden Globes ceremonies. As for designers, I'd like to see her go for a designer that reflects her quirky glam. Perhaps Zac Posen, Marc Jacobs or Burberry Prorsum. Or (if it weren't so similar to last year's offering) this number from Proenza Schouler.