umathurman_WTF_large.jpg Until she sported this monstrosity, Uma Thurman had an almost unspoilt Oscars fashion history. She redefined Oscar fashion when she turned up looking pared-down in lilac Prada in the late 90s, and continuously strutted the red carpet in unusual but fabulous choices in following years, including a voluminous Chanel two piece and a plunging 3/4 sleeved gothic number.

Then, two years ago it all went pear-shaped. Could it be put down to a messy break-up and too much time spent in close proximity to Quentin Tarantino? Or did she just love Pirates Of The Caribbean a bit too much? Her Christian Lacroix number was an absolute train wreck, and all the fashion pundits agreed. Of course, reports that she deliberately set out to be the worst-dressed that year because she was fed up of people always looking the same. That would definitely explain a lot!