Are you forever being told you buy too many new clothes? Then cheat by buying old ones! You’ll be the envy of everyone in these unique vintage finds. If you want them though, be quick, they really are one of a kind, so there’s only one to be had.

How’s this for a waist cincher? This gorgeous 80’s belt will definitely stand you out from the crowd, well worth the £35 price tag. Stick to the 80’s by wearing it with this knitted black dress ($75) and add some 40’s platform pumps.

Play dress up in this ultra glamourous bias cut 30’s dress . It’s surely worthy of an Oscar’s outfit, or a very swish ball for you and me. Unfortunately it’s already reserved, but maybe we will see it again on the red carpet.

For everyday occasions this shirt-waister (£45) is bang up to date, despite being made in the fifties, and this floral print eastern inspired dress is so now, yet more proof that fashion really does swing in roundabouts. These contrasting 60’s shoes also look pretty similar to Topshop’s ballet pumps.

I’ve really enjoyed searching for vintage pieces, as you never know when you will hazard across treasure. If you hunt hard enough, you will find gold. See nothing you like here? Then treat the new season as the perfect excuse for that periodic rummage through your parents and grandparents' wardrobes. You never know, what you neglected before may be just what you’re looking for now. Still no luck? Then visit ebay’s vintage section and check out charity shops and jumble sales, the posher the area, the better. [Charlotte Howells]