After pulling a grown-up grunge-chic collection out the bag for his mainline collection, what was Marc Jacobs going to bring us with his younger diffusion collection? Much of the same, but with a smarter, almost 90s edge (were the 90s so long ago that they're already making a comeback?). Remember the cool girls in movies like 'Singles' and 'Reality Bites'? This collection evoked the slouchy, easy-to-wear sensibility of their wardrobes, but with plenty of modern designer touches that stopped it looking 'sooooo ten years ago'. I loved it!

I can already see the slouchy, voluminous trousers flying off the shelves of all the coolest boutiques when this collection hits the shelves. Navy makes a chic alternative to black, and the swinging style is the perfect antithesis to the current skinny trouser trend that gives anyone over a size 12 nightmares. Rejoice, ladies with thighs! As for the tops, they're super-easy to copy on a budget, so start raiding thrift stores now. Striped men's shirts and 90s waistcoats are the name of the game (in fact, I'm sure my mother has a navy pinstripe waistcoat from the 90s still hanging in her wardrobe).

Taking their lead from the trousers, skirts were also long and swished around the models toes in heavy fabrics, worn with tops in satin and chiffon and warm jackets that were either cropped or oversized. This really is a great collection if you hate your body as very little of it is on show! The colours to look out for are deep blues, greys, black and the odd subtle flash of red. I think these outfits have a student-chic feel about them, like pieces from charity shops have been mixed with old-faithful classics and stuff nicked from the boyfriend's closet. The rule-of-thumb is definitely to buy big!

Thought I'm not sure how many people will have a use for a full-length heavy wool dress, I absolutely adore the one on the left. The crossover top section is really flattering, and I love the idea of dressing it down by slipping a long-sleeved top underneath. I even love those striped armwarmers (knitting needles at the ready, crafsters). On the right is the dress that screamed 'Winona' at me and had me thinking of Reality Bites in the first place. It's pure Marc Jacobs!

The gowns and glam of other shows are all well and good, but so far, Marc by Marc Jacobs gets the biggest thumbs up from me for presenting a collection that's so innately wearable. The look is casual, cool and perfect for hiding the less perfect parts of the body. Can anyone top him in the next couple of days? I await Friday and Matthew Williamson with crossed fingers...

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