Vogue recently released the details of the goodie bag the stars will get their clutches on at the upcoming Bafta award ceremony (as if they don’t get enough stuff free already). Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a stash available to the general public (funny that) so if you want to own the exact same bag of booty, I’m afraid you will just have to buy it. Here’s your shopping list…

First up, a Furla Handbag, their Farrah design is also ‘the official bag of the Golden Globes’ and will set you back $510. Next up is a Motorola phone, it’s a toss up between the almost-too-common hot pink RAZR and the new PEBL phone available at the Carphone Warehouse for £189.99

Also apparently included in the bag is a Nicky Clarke haircut, as he has the rather ridiculous title of ‘official hairdresser’ for the Bafta’s. His website is out of action at the moment so you will have to settle for his iconic rollers (£19.99) to create your award-ceremony-worthy hairdo.

Delve past your Taittinger Champagne and First Class American Airline tickets and you will find some Lancome products to beatify yourself with. How about this Limited Edition Juicy Rouge Palette (£28.50)? In honour of the Bafta’s Lancome are running VIP makeovers to teach us normal folk ‘celebrity make up tips’. Visit Lancome to find your nearest participating store. Elsewhere, the zen factor is provided by Timothy Han’s Aromatherapy candles. The Lemongrass, Marjoram & Lavender Candle (£28) is designed to soothe and scents your abode for an amazing 45 hours.

Last year Steinmetz, whose diamonds are included in the goodies, gifted jewellery to Sienna Miller for her ‘achievement in the film industry’. Being a rather exclusive jeweller, their products aren’t available to purchase online. So you’ll have to make do with this 18 carat white gold diamond pendant, yours for a mere £15533.

Now all that’s left to do is wait until 19th February, when the awards take place, to gift yourself your star-studded goodie bag. [Charlotte Howells]

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