I must interrupt the fashion week coverage to bring you some extremely important news! Well, sort of. What I'm actually doing is chopping up the page a bit so it's not just covered in catwalk photos, but it sounds more exciting this way.

From this week onwards, my trusty sidekick Charlotte and I are introducing new 'pick of the week' categories. These are our weekly favourites in the world of fashion, beauty and style. They're things we own and adore, things we wish we could afford, or things we've fallen in love with but can't find out our size (I hate you Topshop). Obviously everything we feature on this site we love (except leggings) but these are the extra-special things that get the CQ seal of approval.

Kicking off the proceedings is my very first beauty pick of the week - Eyeko's Fat Balm. Eyeko is one of those rare brands that manages to appeal to my inner 12-year-old while simultaneously satisfying the beauty buff in me. Their products look cute but still perform well. I have tried literally hundreds of lip products, and this remains one of my staples. It smells gorgeous and applied to the lips it moisturises, tints and adds subtle shimmer. I wear the strawberry version, which gives that 'just bitten a berry' sheen that beauty journalists always go on about. As an added extra, it also makes a fabulous cream blusher. All this, and it's only £8.50. Buy one, you won't regret it!