I decided to take a break from my usual red carpet fashion policing this week to give CQ newbie Charlotte a chance to play Joan Rivers (minus the plastic surgery). As about 99.9% of you will know, the Grammies just took place, and there's nothing we love more than bitching about popstars and their (lack of) fashion sense. Oh Britney, why do you make it so easy?

(ps. Charlotte didn't mention her, so I must give props to Fergie BEP for making such an improvement on past outfits. I'm loving her chic Max Azria frock. And her boyfriend!)

I guess all over leopard print is one way to cover your baby bump, and on Gwen Stefani, it kind of works – I especially like the empire line tie. Although the one shouldered top does leave it looking a little too ‘Tarzan and Jane’ for my liking. Apparently Gwen designed this dress herself, I only have one question, the bottom is green, er why?

I don’t know what made you thought we would like to see your pants, Terri Hatcher, especially not those huge hot-pant style ones, and especially not under that monstrosity of a Jean Paul Gaultier dress. Maybe if it hadn’t been completely see-through, and you didn’t wear it with those shoes, and it was actually cut to flatter your figure. All in all though, maybe not.

Another star making a mistake with the sheer fabric was Britney, whose pvc/mesh ensemble looks like something out of a really bad sex-shop. In a word, tacky.

Onstage, Madonna pranced around in her leotard, again. Please put some clothes on, it's feburary, and you're old enough to be our mother. I much preferred her backstage outfit, although she still looked a little mutton dressed as lamb.

Kelly Rowland’s dress (she's on the right) was beautiful, and surprisingly understated for a Destiny’s Child – a look not chosen by Michelle Williams (left), the all over gold glitter and extreme afro just seemed too much for one night. Beyonce however, had just the right mix of glam and chic, in a beautiful shimmering dress that clung in all the right places.

Ashlee Simpson looks very Jessica Simpson in this simple black dress – the easiest dress of the night to copy, with our oft-featured Topshop dress [but if you see it in a 14, it's MINE - Gem].

Christina Milian successfully works the Grecian look in a gorgeous Max Azria dress, I like it, but does she realise there is pieces missing over her stomach? The other Christina shows she has well and truly left her bum-revealing chaps ‘xtina’ period behind, and turned up in her now trademark red lipstick, set hair and Marilyn-style Roberto Cavalli dress combo. It works, but it’s getting a bit boring.

The award for outfit hopping goes to Kelly Clarkson, Pre Grammy’s, she opted for this unflattering dishwater colour dress, afterwards, she fared better in her arrival dress, a strapless corset Max Azria gown which led into a frilled full skirt. Followed by a frankly ugly red dress to perform in and another, shorter black number for the Sony BMG Grammy party.

I thought American Idol’s judge Paula Abdul looked stunning in this silver and lace creation. One of my favourites of the night. Alicia Keys seems to be the critics favourite though, gaining almost universal thumbs up for her glamorous plunge Giorgio Armani gown. [Charlotte Howells]

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