Mazzat_9 The powers-that-be at Selfridges have obviously been digging out their old Clash albums, as starting on March 4th they're holding a month-long exhibition based on contemporary punk. Inspired by this season's glam-rock look, they combined it with the 30th anniversary of the punk movement which began way back in 1976 when the Sex Pistols began their 'Anarchy' tour.

The multi-dimensional event will consist of music performances, exhibitions and talks, and for the fashionistas out there, exclusive luxury goods and vintage punk classics. Alannah Weston, Creative Director at Selfridges, said they're 'involving punk luminaries from the past such as Malcolm McLaren as well as using it to launch new talent in fashion and music.' Joining McLaren are other designers such as Chloe, Fendi, and Givenchy, who are going to display their contemporary views on the spirit of punk, through exclusive goodies such as bags, belts, and hair embellishments.4_1 The T-shirt above is exclusive to Selfridges, by 'A Total Assault On The Culture By Any Means Necessary', and will retail for £35, whilst the handbag to the right is by Bracher Emden and will sell for anywhere between £400 - £700. Which doesn't really help, does it girls?

To celebrate the anniversary of the punk movements influence on fashion throughout the past 3 decades, Catwalk Queen are excited to present a weekly special on all the exclusive accessories available at Selfridges over the next four weeks. We'll be taking a look at the duo who started it all with their shop titled 'Sex', on Kings Road, London; Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood, what their style was in the 70s, and where they are fashion-wise today.

Whilst it sounds like a tedious history lesson, we'll be peppering the information with all the visual goodies you're accustomed to, Catwalk Queen-style. So pop on down to Selfridges after March 4th to see it all for yourself, or tune in weekly to your favourite fashion blog (thats us!) to learn what this exciting new trend is all about, and how it all began, 30 years ago today. [Katherine Hannaford]