The best of British stepped out in force on the weekend for this year's BAFTA awards. Brokeback Mountain may have scooped most of the gongs...but who won in the fashion stakes? Charlotte's on the case with some red carpet fashion critique. And remember, BAFTA night means It's only a few weeks until the Oscars...

I’m never normally a fan of Renee Zellweger, but for once her hair and make-up look beautiful rather than harsh, and her outfit doesn’t make her look like too much like a large head on an emaciated body. On second thoughts, I have just seen the dress from this angle. I still love the make-up though. Michelle Collins also looks incredibly good in her black plunge gown, although I’m not sure the plunging neckline needed to be quite so extreme, and she is a bit pale.
Best in black though, and maybe best dressed overall is a toss-up between the always beautiful Natalie Imbruglia and Michelle Williams. Natalie looks perfectly put together and can’t help but look amazing in her simple black dress. On someone else it might have looked awful, but on her it really works. Michelle Williams also went for black, and accessorized with Heath Ledger. In this instance the dress is better looking though, I love it, and that is one tiny waist!

Charlize Theron plays it safe in her standard issue awards ceremony blue gown, but looks suitably stunning all the less. Although I have to admit I have no idea who Linh-Dam Pham is, I quite like her striped one shoulder ensemble, except maybe the rosette on the shoulder. Ziyi Zhang looks positively mermaid-like in her shimmering strapless number, maybe a touch on the shiny side, but otherwise she’s looking good. Michelle Ryan however, is too shiny.

While it can’t be easy to dress a giant bump, I can’t help thinking Rachel Weisz could have worn something a bit more shapely, her blue dress ends up looking a little tent-like. Unfortunately Felicity Huffman looks like she bought her dress from Laura Ashley, that really is taking her role as a desperate housewife too far.

I’m under instruction from Gemma to be nice to Thandie Newton, so I’ll restrain myself to ‘just what is that black sprawling mass on your otherwise just-about-passable-if-you-ignore-everything-below-the-knees dress, because it damn sure looks like a patch of overgrown pubic hair to me’, and leave it at that. Wearing strange protruding objects on your chest must be a new fashion trend if Thandie and Mischa Barton are anything to go by. Again, the actual dress is alright, I suppose, but the giant thing on the front just looks plain odd, and makes her look flat chested, seeing as it’s six times the size of her boobs, and plonked right in the middle of them.

Which leaves Ruby Wax for me to go to town on…I know she is not exactly renowned for her exquisite style anyway, and this ensemble probably isn’t any worse than her others, but someone has to be the worst dressed! Why she is pointing to her middle in this picture I don’t know, as it doesn’t normally make sense to draw attention to your weakest feature. The dress itself vaguely resembles a giant strawberry, and the ugly satin bolero and lego-man hairstyle complete the strawberry resemblance. Strawberries though, aren’t normally made out of unflattering shiny material, and don’t have arms covered in matching gloves with a bracelet over the top. Eurgh. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, she did this. Pull yourself together Ruby!

You may have seen my post on how to make your own Bafta bag, well now you can win one. Good luck. [Charlotte Howells]