As I’m currently spending a large portion of time scrutinising summer fashion, I can’t help but yearn for the summer holidays. As my feet will not be landing on a palm fringed tropical beach anytime soon, I’m having to make do with some holiday inspired beauty products to turn my bathroom into a exotic spa. Scrunch your eyes shut, breathe in deeply, concentrate hard, and you could just be on that beach right now.

Transport yourself to Hawaii by slathering yourself in Hei Poa’s products, like their Tahitian beauty oil for £9.

Morrocco more your scene? Then Ren’s Morrocan Rose set will have you in a soaking in a souk in no time. Trick yourself that you’re already away with the luxury travel size Frankincense Repair Cream included in the set.

Get St Tropez glamour with an all-over tan, the shimmering mist (£32.50) will give you that holiday sparkle at home.

Take your hair on safari with Philip B African Shea Butter Shampoo, at £17.50, it’s probably a hundred times cheaper than a trip to the wild, and much better for your hair.

For eastern tranquillity without leaving the west splash around some (it’s a mouthful) I Coloniali Aromatic Body Care Water with Japanese Yuzu (£13), a toning tonic water. [Charlotte Howells]