FurThough I have to admit it was with great glee that I read about Paris Hilton being pelted with self-raising flour after modelling for fur fan Julien MacDonald last week (and that I had much fun playing the anti J-Lo flash game), when it comes to the big fur debate I usually keep my mouth shut. After years of being a huge taboo, fur has suddenly come back into the spotlight, covering the catwalks over the last few seasons and being sported by celebs like Kate Moss, Trinny Woodall, Naomi Campbell, Minnie Driver and Sharon Osbourne. As a result of that, it's no longer alright for fashionistas to sit on the fence...

The use of fur in clothing has always been a touchy subject, and one that many people have incredibly strong opinions about. So why do people jump on the anti-fur bandwagon so easily, yet think nothing of wearing leather shoes? Is it because we can easily pick up a fabulous faux fur that rivals the real thing, while pleathers and synthetics never really match the durability of a good leather? Do people still believe that leather is fine because it's a by-product of the meat industry (it's not - it's far more complicated than that)? Or do people worry about how the animals are treated before they're skinned to become fur? Why do we get so angry over fur, yet turn a blind eye to the use of crocodile, snake and alligator? One mention of Mukluk boots on Shoewawa resulted in a long and heated debate over the use of rabbit fur in making them, yet nobody bats an eyelid at the mention of calfskin, python or shearling on the same site. Where do you draw the line with regards to what animal products are acceptable to wear, and why does fur in particular evoke such passionate reactions?

This is my question to you, as fashion fans with a conscience; where do you stand on the fur debate? Would you wear it, or are you happy to pick up a beautiful faux and let the bunnies live to see another day? If you're anti fur, are you against all animal products, or is there a specific reason you dislike fur in particular?

On the other side of the debate, if you wear fur (or wouldn't say no if you had the cash) why? Is it a status thing, is it because the quality cannot be beaten, or are you simply neutral towards the whole thing because you think it's hypocritical to be anti fur yet eat at McDonalds? We'd love to hear your views and see what the general consensus on fur in fashion is. Yay or Nay to the fluffy stuff?!

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Pro Fur / Animal Products:
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NB. We really want to hear your views and hope the comments will make for an interesting debate. However, they will be watched and moderated. Please direct your comments towards the topic of fur in fashion, and do not lash out or personally attack those who have opinions that differ from yours. If you do, we'll click delete faster than you can say 'Trinny hates bunnies'.