Female collections are taking inspiration from the men this spring with the tie entering the women’s domain again. Chloe did manly with a feminine twist at their spring/summer show, with thin ties were worn with frilly skirts and tight shirts. At Paul Smith, the look was more preppy than manly, with a loosened tie and rolled up sleeves on the shirts.

Copying this look is easy, choose between Paul Smith’s college cool and loose, or Chloe’s neat and tight and combine shirt, skirt and tie. Just don't go all Avril Lavigne and wear it with a vest and shorts! There’s nothing to stop you stealing the tie off the men, after all they have a much bigger variety. Go for ones that aren’t too fat, and for muted colours if you want to mimic the runway. The solid satin tie in butter (middle) will look so much better on you than him, and so it should for $165.

For girly versions check out Dorothy Perkins who have some plain coloured ties in stock (left). Topshop’s striped tie (£12, right) is little too much ‘school tie’ for my liking, although the square end does give it a fashion edge. [Charlotte Howells]