Hurrah! We've yet another excuse to be bitchy about Hollywood actresses! You know you love the big award shows, and the SAG awards are particularly naff-tastic, with their "my name is X, and I am an actor" introductions and awards for ensemble casts (won by Lost and Desperate Housewives, whoever would have predicted that?). For more news on the actual awards (and all the shows that won), you'll need to go visit our friends over at TV Scoop. For us it was all about the fashion, because we really are that superficial...

Unfortunate colour-co-ordination accident of the night must go to the ladies of Desperate Housewives. With the exception of Nicolette Sheridan, they all turned up in various purples, from a lacy off-shoulder Badgley Mischka gown on Eva Longoria to a lilac-pink belted number on Teri Hatcher. We loved Felicity Huffman and Marcia Cross the most though, in chic lavender. Ms Cross is very quickly becoming our red carpet fashion icon. She takes one risk at a time (usually with colour) and keeps everything else simple. That's what we like to see.

The Grey's Anatomy starlets also did much better this time around than they did at the Golden Globes. Sandra Oh's black and white striped strapless cocktail dress could have so easily been wrong, wrong, wrong but she has the quirkiness to pull it off. Meanwhile Ellen Pompeo went for cranberry coloured Christian Dior. Very simple, very elegant, and very much better than the nightie she wore at the Globes. She's still looking painfully skinny, though. Then there's the annoyingly gorgeous Katherine Heigl. She went for a black tiered dress trimmed with gold, but it was her hair and accessories that really made the look. She's like a posterboard for 'radiant'.

Stars who didn't fare so well this time compared to the Globes included 'Walk The Line' winner Reese Witherspoon in an ill-fitting black and white number (playing it too safe after the 'Kirsten wore it first' debacle of her vintage Chanel dress). Speaking of playing it safe, Charlize Theron could have gone a bit more adventurous than the slash fronted Armani she chose. Finally, there's Memoirs Of A Geisha's Ziyi Zhang, who still looked beautiful but couldn't top the lime green Armani she stunned us all with earlier in the year.

Honourable mentions go to Jaime Pressly (from 'My Name Is Earl') for pulling off white with iridescent beads, Sandra Bullock for working the 'new' puffball without looking like an 80s throwback, and Thandie Newton, for (just about) avoiding looking like a bride in full-length strapless ivory. 

Fashion 'noooooooo!' of the night went to Brokeback Mountain's Anne Hathaway in Nina Ricci. Chiffon over velvet is a bit too 'junior prom' to ever look good at an A-list event, and it's even worse when it doesn't fit properly. Amy Adams also went for an unflattering prom fabric. Organza..just say no! Finally, Lost's Maggie Grace was walking the thin line between looking fab and wearing a sweet wrapper. Your thoughts?

I don't usually do menswear, but fashion props must also go to the men of Lost. Granted, Josh Holloway would look good in a potato sack, but he looks even better in a penguin suit. Daniel Dae Kim obviously got the same memo as the Desperate Housewives girls and went for a purple shirt with his Paul Smith suit. And then there was Terry O'Quinn (aka Locke, the coolest man on the planet) in a black suit, black t-shirt and diamante encrusted flip-flops. Has he been on the beach too long?

Finally, here's one for the ladies.

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