I have one question for you. Would you take fashion advice from this man?

Coco Chanel must be turning in her grave at this very moment, tortured by the fact that the current head designer of the fashion house she created is taking to the catwalk in ugg boots. On the subject of La Lagerfeld, I agree completely with the Manolo. He is evil and must be stopped. Yes, there are some beautiful clothes being made at Chanel, but all the things that make the brand what it is - amazing tweed suits, classic quilted bags and so on - were there long before the evil took to the throne. And let's face it, I hated him ever since his pot / kettle comments about the average British woman. Yeah, Karl, fat girls know how to hold a grudge!

nb. We missed Project Catwalk last night so will be waxing lyrical on Monday after watching the repeat this weekend!