Apparently looking fabulous starts from within. I don’t know about that, but starting underneath - as in underwear - can make the all difference between fabulous and sag-ulous. Even stars are not immune to posh frock bust-ups (Think Richard and Judy) and the Golden Globes were no exception. From Hilary Swank’s visible tit-tape to Alanis Morrisette’s clearly unaided bosom, it was obvious that their award ceremony entourage didn’t extend to a underwear advisor.

Debra Messing’s extremely low cut dress calls for some Hollywood fashion tape, or tit-tape, as we like to call it. If you can hide it, tit-tape can create great cleavage for plunging necklines. But beware, tit-taping is an art. Wrap your breasts like you would a birthday present and you will be left with boobs more uneven than a sack of potatoes. Less is more.

For boobs that bust out like Scarlett’s, Wonderbra will give you the oomph you need. Push up bras are a tried and tested formula, yet exercise a little restraint – there’s no need for your bosom to touch your chin. For this reason I prefer the more natural Wonderbra pure (£21 at Figleaves), which offers the same gravity defying effects minus the awkward padding. Meawhile, low backed dresses like Teri Hatcher’s can be revealing yet classy, but unless you have the right support the front could let you down. The innovative Lejaby strap converts your regular bra into a backless number, and is only £6.

If there really is no room for any excess bra straps with your dress, then you need a stick-on bra (try the JML invisible bra for £19.98 or La Senza's Dreamshapers (around $52) or Nubra for £45) which help keep your boobs where they should be. Although it looks as if it will instantly drop off and embarrassingly fall to your feet, if you stick it on properly, it'll take more strain than you think. Gemma's given the JML a go, and while it doesn't last long before losing its sticky backing, provided you attach it slightly higher than you think it should go, it'll do the job for a big night out. [Charlotte Howells]