This week's Project Catwalk was all about personality and signature styles, with the remaining designers being introduced to design duo Frost French, and being put on the spot and asked to come up with one word to describe their 'look'. The choices were fairly predictable (Lesley went for 'assymetrical' which would explain the hairdo) with the slightly hysterical Zoe being unable to come up with anything and getting a bit upset as a result.

Jemima French & Sadie Frost, aka Frost French

After a silly task to create a 'signature' garment in ten minutes (we only saw about five of the final pieces, of which Renato's was fabulous and Marianne's was awful) the week's main challenge was set. One hundred quid and the brief to create something 'Frisky'. Which was fine for everyone except Shakeel, who didn't know what the word meant (something which was clear from his final dress).

As the designs took shape and the designers took to pimping themselves at a celeb party, we were left with a few questions. Could Matthew (the current Catwalk Queen fave) make his spotty wool/flannel look sexy enough? Could Sushino (and his Lagerfeld-esque fan) get over his panic attacks? And could Zoe stop the hysterics for long enough to make a decent frock?

The answers? A big fat NO to the last one! When Ben De Lisi once again took 44-year old theatre designer Zoe under his wing and offered a bit too much advice, Debi took him to task, ranting about the amount of help her competitor was being given. This was only the beginning of Debi's week of complaining to top fashion designers...and something tells me she's going to wish she kept quiet.

When it came to judging the final pieces, Deb and Zoe found themselves at the bottom of the pile. Coinkydink? I think not! Julien MacDonald called Debi's design a "piece of junk" and described it as badly made and sub-standard. Debi was having none of it, and when she was told she was still in, she had a few words for the Welshman. The thing is, he wasn't far wrong. Her fugly combo of bum-revealing shorts and boob-revealing frilled waistcoat was vile...but whether it was badly made remains to be seen. Still, you don't shout at your judges. Did this girl not watch America's Next Top Model? The judges are always right, even when they're wrong.

As for the top picks of the week, it was no surprise that Matthew was announced this week's winner. His cutesy little pin-up girl dress in contrasting spotted fabrics was definitely the best of the bunch, and ironically, he's another of the younger, inexperienced students. He showed Ben De Lisi that he could work with the fluffy fabric, and his model looked great. He was closely followed by Renato and his purple butterfly-style dress (Matthew Williamson would be so proud).

Eventually, after Debi's outburst, Zoe was (quite rightly) the one to go, after dressing her model in what looked like a lace miniskirt and a rectangle of fabric with a hole cut in it. Her lack of training proved her failure, and she couldn't take the pressure.

So what's going to happen next? After her outburst at the judges, Debi's  going to have to pull something amazing out the hat next week. Matthew, Kirsty and Renato seem to be the front-runners, though Renato's 'safeness' is bound to cause him troubler further down the line. Straight boy Christopher (mr 'function') looks like he might be a bit of a sly dog, too. He's sneaked through in the 'safe' category so far, but look out for him! The same goes for Lesley, who obviously knows what she's doing. Gemma, Sushino, Marianne and Shakeel? Ask me again next week!

Project Catwalk Quotes Of The Week:

Julien (on Debi's outfit): I speak for the panel here. It's probably one of the most horrendous things I have ever seen in my's terribly made, it's ugly, it's unflattering to the female figure and there's just nothing great to say about it at all.

Debi (later, to Julien): Well I'd just like to say that the standard of the quality of the making of the garment was actually one of the best made garments on the catwalk today. And if you'd actually inspected it today and not just looked from the other side and slated it like you did, unreasonably, then you would have seen that.

Jemima: Debi for me did not seem at all humbled. I mean if if was up to me, she'd have been off this week. I thought her outfit was a disgrace.

Meow! Saucer of milk for the fashionistas!