Have a hangover and a half to hide? Or are your eyes simply showing the strain of too many nights up late watching trashy telly? Mega shades are worn by the stars all year round, from Anna Wintour at the shows to the Olsen twins at college, and Nicole Richieall the time. You may not have the paparazzi to shy away from, but if you pick the right style for your face shape, hideaway glasses can be an effective winter accessory as well as a Summer essential.

Tortoiseshell £68 Dolce & Gabbana at Yoox and Amber £6 at Additions

Linda Farrow’s 1970s vintage glasses are the original uber-sized glasses and are currently enjoying a stint as the glasses du jour after a large stash was rediscovered in a warehouse. Invariably big, dark and bold, they give you that cover-half-your-face look favoured by Ritchie et al. If you prefer shades made more recently, Dolce and Gabbana do a similar retro style, or check out Additions who do a brilliant value alternative for only £6. Although they offer maximum hiding benefit, it’s best to avoid giant circular frames if your face is anything other than slim and oval shaped.

These smaller, angular glasses from Lagerfeld (£59) would suit rounder face shapes as the angles work to offset your facial curves, yet the dark colour means they will still do a good job at shielding your eyes from the world. If your face is all angles - that’s you if you have a square or diamond shape - then look for ovals when shade shopping. Yoox has a huge selection. [Charlotte Howells]